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We deliver our client’s message in a variety of ways, on multiple devices. From Augmented Reality, Media Tables and Tablets, we engage users experiences that are driven by technology and innovation.

Apartment Finder Apps

Innovate, Interact, Inform

The fusion of Art & Technology

We combine our knowledge of presentation processes with creative led products to achieve tools that aid from planning through to sales, marketing and even after sales care. A 3D graphically led system, that allows visualisation of a scheme from all angles. Importantly our programming team are market leaders in the bits you can’t see.


All of the App’s use our bespoke Content Management System (CMS) that allows for immediate updates of information globally. With a 256-bit encryption users are able to control vital content securely in real time.


We are experts in the presentation process, which means all our Apps are intuitive. Whether you are a sales agent presenting or a consumer in your home, this function enhances the graphical experience. 


Our Apps are produced to work across multiple platforms from iPad’s to Android tablets, the web and Surface. 

Media Tables

The ultimate in presentation, combining skills and knowledge from all or our teams. Our work takes us from the Europe to the America and the UAE to Asia. 


Augmented Reality

Integrating digital with environments in real time

All of our AR applications are graphically impressive creating real interest and driving user engagement but importantly at their core have a solid professional grounding when put into practice. 

Real Time

3D in Real Time

Gaming brought to architecture

Using the very latest in game engine technologies we offer the ability to explore external and internal spaces at the touch of a button or the move of a joystick. Imagine an animation but you can go wherever you want.