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Model Works Media provides a full Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) for Developers, Planning Consultants and Architects. For 20 years we have been recognised as independent experts in this discipline.

Several Stages

Led by Qualified Architects

Since the discipline began, we have been one of Ireland's leading consultants in providing verified material and evidence. In fact we were innovators before the digital revolution and prior to the use of CAD, where we used photos of our scale models literally cut and pasted into site photos, by using a custom designed photography studio to camera match and simulate lighting.

This work compares remarkably well even today with our state of the art digital photography, 3D modelling programs and stringent GPS controlled methodology.

Design Stages

Our work begins at the Initial Design Stage by scoping height and bulk potential of a site in the context of townscape/landscape visual impacts; taking into account heritage guidelines, protected view corridors, views and vistas.

At Design Development Stage we test Architects proposals under the above headings so that planning consultants can advise on a likely successful planning permission. 


Pre Planning Stage visuals allow the Architect to hold pre-planning meetings with the planning authority.

Planning Stage Verified Views will inform the categorisation of visual impacts under the EPA guidelines and LVIA guidelines for the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements. 


Public Consultation informs both the public and professional alike. Supporting planning hearings through responding to appeals with a thorough analysis and methodology statement.

"Model Works Media method for accurate photomontages, recently set out for the Liberty Hall public hearing in Dublin, was the best I have seen in my professional career since the science/art began."

Richard Coleman 
City Designer